Real Dairy, Real Ingredients

The Most Popular Flavors

TasteBuds Frozen Yogurt


The classic and 
creamy flavor
​of the vanilla bean

sea salt caramel

Bold, sweet & salty, and so decadent

Triple Chocolate

Rich and smooth, with fudge, milk chocolate and cocca


A nutty and sweet flavor, an original flavor

Peanut butter

Its like eating a spoonful of creamy PB


Made with chunks
of plump, sweet berries and no sugar added 

We have 10 flavors to choose from! We are always adding new and unique flavors you can't find elsewhere! We make most of our flavors in house and this is why our fro-yo is so delicious!

In the Gilbert Town Square

Gilbert Rd. & Civic Center Dr.

just south of Warner Rd.